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knit wear 

At the beginning of the knitwear semester, I was struggling to find inspiration because of various personal reasons, and I had this suppressed urge to explode both mentally and physically. While trying to capture this feeling through literal explosion, I created this fabric manipulation technique by stuffing stockings with blown balloons, I then pour and drizzle glue over them. After drying over night, I pop the balloons allowing the knit stockings to shrink and transform into fabrics with a beautiful ruching effect. I incorporated fabric using this technique for my cut & sew look. 

For my machine knit look, I tried to imitate the same effect with the holding technique on the brother single bed machine. 

models: Elizabeth M.

               Aiala R.

photography: Matt Francis


documentation of cut&sew fabric manipulation and machine knit swatches

cut&sew exploration
cut&sew exploration
cut&sew exploration
cut&sew exploration
machine knit exploration

mood board

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