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Coleen Chan is a Los Angeles based artist and designer who enjoys visual storytelling through the form of production and costume design in film. Her time spent at Rhode Island School of Design made her an adaptive designer who can think outside the box even under time and budget constraints. 


Chan is a strong believer in the power of details, and is committed in bringing stories to life through design. Often working in both departments on the same project, Chan works effectively with directors, producers and actors in creatively building their ideas and her own from script onto the screen. 


Her ability to improvise on the job when dealing with unforeseen challenges without compromising quality makes her welcome any challenge with open arms. This side of the industry is also what intrigues her, thus fueling her passion towards production and costume design. 


On set, Chan is a diligent team player who understands the importance of each department in movie making. She hopes to continue to fine-tune her craft and artistry in both the art and costume department, and create more stories with talented creatives.

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